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Trứng cuộn / Cách làm trứng cuộn đẹp ngon nhu the nao

Linh Chi
Linh Chi - 95 Views
Published on 10 Aug 2018 / In Nấu ăn

- 2 eggs
- black pepper
- red pepper
- fish sauce
- oil
- onion

- Crack egg to a small bowl and marinade with fish sauce, onion and STIR
- Preheat the pan and then pour a small portion onto the pan, try to spread the egg evenly on the surface of pan
- After few seconds, roll the egg (notice to roll when the egg is still half raw)
- After rolling, add more mixture of egg and wait for few second then roll the egg
Continue the process until the end (as demonstrate in the clip) : )
After finish frying, take out the roll and cut into small pieces to serve


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